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Hand Tied Weft Dimensional #4/8 (Cappuccino)

Hand Tied Weft Dimensional #4/8 (Cappuccino)

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Hand Tied Wefts


If you’re searching for lightweight length and volume, look no further than Laced Hair Hand Tied Wefts! Each weft is intricately sewn by hand to create a low profile extension that comfortably lays close to the scalp. 


Our Hand Tied Wefts feature 8 pre-cut wefts per pack, approximately 10” each. Due to the delicate stitching, Hand Tied Wefts will unravel if cut. We recommend folding the weft to the desired width, if necessary.


  • Weight of hair per pack (approximate): 18" - 113 grams, 20" - 113 grams, 22" - 118 grams, 25" - 132 grams
  • Wefts must be re-installed every 4-8 weeks depending on growth to preserve the integrity of natural hair


To preserve hair health, Laced Hair Extensions should be applied exclusively by a licensed hairstylist, preferably Laced certified. As always, Laced Hair Extensions are handcrafted from the highest quality, 100% pure human Remy hair.

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