Meet LHC's Founder: Lacy Gadegaard-West

Meet LHC's Founder: Lacy Gadegaard-West

Meet Lacy, founder and CEO of LHC.

To know Lacy is to love her. She has been doing hair for 25 years and started Laced Hair (our sister brand)13 years ago out of her basement and is involved in every step today. Need we say more?
Meet Lacy




We've rounded up some of our favorite facts to get you acquainted with all the amazing things she's accomplished over the years. Here's just a few: 

  1. Pioneering Expertise: With over two decades of experience in hair styling and entrepreneurship, Lacy has redefined the game of hair extensions, elevating standards of quality and style to new heights.
  2. Visionary Leadership: As the driving force behind Laced Hair, Laced Hair Academy, Laced Hair Care, and the Laced Hair Foundation, Lacy's vision knows no bounds. She's not just leading the pack; she's setting the pace for the entire industry.From the glitz of the Fashion Weeks to the glamour of Vegas, Lacy's impeccable styling and Laced Hair extensions have graced the locks of celebrities like Sabrina Carpenter and Alix Earle, stealing the spotlight every time.
  3. Innovative Trailblazer: Always one step ahead, Lacy is a true product innovator, constantly introducing fresh colors, techniques, and educational resources to push the boundaries of hairstyling to new horizons.
  4. Collaborative Girls-Gril: Teaming up with esteemed hairstylists like Lo Wheeler of the BeachWashed collective, Lacy is at the forefront of shaping the future of the beauty industry, one stunning coif at a time.
With Lacy at the helm, you can trust that your hair is in the hands of a true maestro. So, let's raise our brushes to the woman who's making every day a great hair day—thank you, Lacy, for keeping us all looking fabulous!


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